Different in their application
Same in quality.

At Bruzon we count on a team of specialists in risk consultancy, who work along two routes:

  • The design of bespoke solutions.
  • The analysis of existing insurance programmes.

When the solution requires re-insurance, the solvency of Reinsurers is, without doubt, the most valuable asset for our clients, which are the Insurance Companies. For this reason, we are convinced that our success as R/I brokers is linked inseparably to the level of solvency of our Reinsurers.

Solvency which, in our case, is added to personalised solutions, to agility in procedures, and linked to a deep understanding of risk and markets. This work method has allowed us to become leaders in many of the areas where we provide reinsurance capacity, both Facultative and Treaty.

In any event, whether the solution is to offer direct insurance or re-insurance, the client may rest assured that, whatever the solution which is proposed, it will be the most competitive, always. In other words, it will have been tailored to the client’s needs, according to his, or her, budget and applied to any of the following branches of insurance

Our Services

Personal Accident

Bruzon is market-leader in Spain, both in the design as well as the placing of these insurance and re-insurance programmes in respect of catastrophic accidents, with elevated sums insured per capita, also providing additional benefits, such as Travel Assistance. Within these programmes, different products geared to customer loyalty stand out: for example, Credit and Debit Cards, Professional Groups including those of High Risk, Senior Officers and Sports Persons.

Also, we analyse the personal risks to which company employees may be exposed, whether they may be of an compulsory nature – through collective labour agreements – or are voluntary, offering the employee tranquility in the knowledge of being able to count on insurance coverage which is both cost-effective in premium terms and adapted to his / her needs.

Financial Institutions

This sector is very sensitive to risk, and demands deep understanding of the sector as well as knowledge of the different areas of the re-insurance market with a very high level of specialisation in this field.

At Bruzon, we offer expertise at the highest level in both areas. We are fortunate to employ well-experienced trained professionals capable of tackling these programmes from a Risk Management stand-point. Due to their complexity, we would highlight the following insurance programmes:

  • Bankers Blanket Bond (BBB) covering Employee Fidelity, Counterfeiting of Documents, Theft of Cash Holdings, of ATMs, of Safety Deposit Boxes, of Cash In-transit and Computer Crime.
  • Errors and Omissions to cover Professional Liabilities of the Employees of the Financial Institution.
  • Non-authorised Transactions, to cover losses caused by employees of the Financial Institution if they exceed their levels of attributable responsibility within the Organisation.
  • Directors´and Officers´Third Party Liabilities in their capacities as Members of the Governing Bodies of the companies or entities which they represent, deriving from legislation in force at any given moment. The importance of this type of coverage is determined by the exposure of an individual´s personal assets to liabilities arising from losses suffered by the Company or by Injured Third Parties, and to Emerging Risks due to changes in applicable legislation.


At Bruzon, we design insurance and re-insurance programmes, which currently are not offered under traditional insurance programmes, to protect the interests of organisers and sponsors with regard to losses which may occur due to the cancellation of the following:

  • Tournaments.
  • Sporting Events.
  • Shows and Performances.
  • Concerts and Tours.
  • Exhibitions.
  • Conferences and Conventions.
  • Retransmissions of TV Broadcasts.

As well as the following situations:

  • The attainment or the award of a prize.
  • The achievement of a certain result, record or objective.
  • The unpredictability of a marketing campaign.

Further, the coverage offered by our programmes includes the non-appearance, for whatever reason, of Actors, Musicians, Singers, Sports Persons, Speakers, etc.

Property Damage

Whenever one looks to protect company property, or to identify risks which could put future survival at risk, one needs always the services of expert brokers, such as Bruzon.

Our capacity to innovate and our access to different international markets always allow us to find, and to negotiate, the best solutions for our clients.

We look to protect your business through a risk management perspective, identifying and valuing those areas most exposed to risk, depending on their activity, such as:

  • Material Damage, due to:
    • Fire, water, or smoke.
    • Explosions.
    • Theft.
    • Machinery breakdown.
    • Electrical damage
  • Loss of profit due to interruption.
  • Third Party Liabilities.

Analysing risks and obtaining adequate coverage is not sufficient, so we work together with the Insured to prevent damage occurring, to minimise its consequences and to transfer risk to the insurance market. We maintain the policies premanently updated in line with changes within the company and, more importantly, we manage and assist in the handling of claims.


Despite huge investment in the areas of security and accident prevention undertaken by companies, the truth is that Marine business is affected by risks which require both specific and integral protection.

At Bruzon, we are fortunate to count on a highly-qualified professional team, but with a clearly-defined objective: to achieve this integral protection. To this end, we develop solutions to cover a wide range of Marine risks, for example:

  • Hulls and Machinery.
  • P&I Insurance (Protection and Indemnity).
  • Cargo.
  • Ship-owners’ and Charterers’ Liabilities.
  • Complementary Protection insurance for crew-members.


By its nature, the Aeronautical Sector is an innovative segment, thus the managment of risk and security in this activity is a huge challenge for Insurance Companies.

At Bruzon, we meet this challenge by offering innovative programmes related to Aeronautical Risks.

We offer our services to companies linked to:

  • Helicopter fleets for personal use, for fire fighting and airline companies.
  • The building maintenance and repair of aircraft.

We provide insurance solutions to principal risk, in respect of:

  • Hulls
  • Third Party Liabilities.
  • Crew Personal Accident.
  • Passenger Personal Accident.

Surety Bonds

Bruzon is the market-leader in Spain.

Surety Bonds are indispensable instruments in the daily trading of any company to avoid unnecessary financial restrictions, allowing companies to obtain a line of bonds to guarantee proper fulfillment of contractual obligations.

Bruzon offers this service via all Insurace Companies, specialised in this field.


  • No audit commission or origination fee.
  • No maintenance fees.
  • Return of unused premiums.
  • No Bank of Spain risk.

Contract Types:

Guarantees required under Public Procurement:

  • Provisional or tender guarantees (for civil engineering projects, or providing services).
  • Guarantees to execute work (for civil engineering projects, or providing services).
  • Material stockpiling / advances.
  • Substitution Guarantees.
  • Import / Export Guarantees (Customs).
  • Guarantees for litigation risk.
  • Guarantees for the postponement of tax due to acts of non-conformity.
  • Guarantees for public subsidies.
  • Guarantees before the General Power and Mining Policy Directorate.

Other Guarantees:

  • Guarantees posted in favour of private Companies & Organisations.
  • International Guarantees.
  • Guarantees for amounts deposited on account.
  • Payment Guarantees in favour of the OTC Clearing House (“MEEF”, in its Spanish acronym).
  • Guarantees on behalf of Air Operators (Airport Charges).

Decennial Liabilities

Material damage insurance which guarantees compensation for harm caused by faults and defects in buildings which compromise directly the mechanical resistance and the stability of the building.

This is direct Damage coverage, and not for liability coverage.

A deductible is normally established per loss, normally on the basis of a percentage of this amount, with a set minimum.

The Insured can upgrade the coverage, through paying an additional premium based on the new valuation of the building and on the length of time remaining until expiry of the policy coverage.


Bruzon is fortunate in employing a highly specialised team of professionals in the field of Reinsurance, thus providing our clients with automatic, or semi-automatic, structures for all branches of insurance where we act directly.

At Bruzon, we provide innovative approaches to offer our clients very efficient and bespoke solutions for the most economic transfer of their risks over into the international reinsurance market.

The Bruzon team is expert in placing sophisticated reinsurance programmes in any area of the insurance business where our Cedents operate, particularly in, but not limited to, the following specialities:

Accident, Assistance, Life and Health:

  • Personal Accident with substantial sums insured.
  • Personal Accident in risk areas.
  • Expatriate Kidnap & Ransom.
  • Directors and Officers.
  • Sports personalities and other professionals at risk.
  • Professional groups.
  • Group travel assistance.
  • Terrorism.


  • Wind-farms.
  • Photovoltaic plants.
  • Co-generation plants.
  • Terrorism.
  • Catastrophic and risks of Nature.

Contractors and Erection All Risk:

  • Civil engineering.
  • House building.
  • Engineering risks.
  • Construction and erection of industrial plant.
  • Third Party Liabilities deriving from construction and erection procedures.
  • Construction and erection of machinery and equipment.
  • Advance loss of Profit (A.L.O.P).
  • Terrorism.
  • Catastrophic and risks of Nature.

Material Damage, due to:

  • Major industrial risk.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Major commercial risks.
  • Terrorism.
  • Catastrophic and risks of Nature.


  • Hull and Machinery.
  • Pleasure craft.
  • Cargo transport (by air, by land, by sea or using combinations of these).
  • Liabilities of Agents involved in transporting merchandise.
  • Coverages which are complementary to Hull & Machinery: Protection & Indemnity (P & I).


  • Hulls
  • Third Party Liabilities.
  • Crew Personal Accident.
  • Passenger Personal Accident.

Third Party Liabilities:

  • General Liability.
  • Employers´ Liability.
  • Products and Completed Operations Liability.
  • Product Recall.
  • Professional liability.
  • Medical mal-practice.
  • Directors and Officers TPL.
  • Accidental Pollution.

Special Situations:

  • Livestock.
  • Aquaculture.
  • Afforestation.
  • Cancellation of Shows and Events.
  • Fine Art whilst being transported and for the duration (temporary or permanent exhibitions).
  • Cyber risks.
  • Employee infidelity in commercial and industrial risks.

Financial Institutions:

  • Employee infidelity.
  • Forgery.
  • Fraud.
  • Cash transport.
  • Robbery and hold-ups at branches and at ATMs.
  • Safety deposit boxes.
  • Computer crime.
  • Cyber risks.
  • Non-authorised transactions.
  • Professional liability.
  • Directors and Officers TLP.

Bruzon uses reinsurance models best-suited to the needs of each individual situation and, at all times, matches greatest effectiveness with maximum simplicity and security with regard to the administrative side of reinsurance, when placing the aforementioned programmes.

The reinsurance support which Bruzon always proposes will include a sufficiently-diversified tower, which will be completely solvent, with full knowledge of the risks being underwritten, and which will be acceptable to the Internal Solvency Rules of the ceding Companies (independently of which we, at Bruzon, demand a minimum Rating of A minus), and which has been proven in the handling and payment of losses linked to the class of reinsured risks.

Loss-handling at Bruzon is channelled integrally to offer our ceding Companies the finest service across all areas of processing:

  • Receipt of the first notification.
  • Indication of all necessary and required documentation.
  • Review of the reimbursements being claimed.
  • Consultancy functions including negotiating and settling the indemnities.

Third Party Liability

Bruzon is specialised in the design as well as the placing of integral Third Party Liability programmes on behalf of both companies as well as on behalf of collective bodies and professional partnerships.

The coverages offered by us are adapted to all areas of business and professional activities, including those liability coverages required by Law. The spectrum of our programmes comprises Third Party Liability coverages, in respect of:


  • General Liability.
  • Employers´Liability.
  • Products and Completed Operations Liability.
  • Product Recall.
  • Accidental Pollution.
  • Legal Defense and Counter Suits.

Professional collectives, according to their activity:

  • Compulsory coverages, as required by Law.
  • Voluntary coverage, with different insured limits and wide coverages which encompass, among others, professional disbarment, administrative sanctions – when these are insurable – and damages to files.

Directors and Officers:

  • D&O Coverage.
  • Employment Practices.
  • Defense Costs.
  • Communication Costs.
  • Extradition Costs.
  • Bankruptcy Guarantee Costs.
  • Tax Responsabilities.
  • Risk Management Costs.
  • Bail Bonds and the Costs of Constitution of Penal Bonds.
  • Administrative Sanctions.
  • Professional Disbarment.
  • Bankruptcy Liability.


Our insurance and re-insurance programmes for Energy Production Plants, equally for Wind-farms as well as Photovoltaic or Co-generation, or Hydraulic and Bio-mass plants, contemplate all possible risks during all phases of the project:

  • Surety Bonds.
  • Damage occurring during Construction and Erection.
  • Transportation of Plant.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Equipment Installation.
  • Field Testing.
  • Maintenance.
  • Operation.

The wide coverage includes Material Damage (both internal and external), Consequential Losses and Liabilities versus Third Parties and employees.

Fine Art

We have a facility for placing fine art risks in both the local market, as well as internationally, which, due to its long history, allows us to offer very competitive prices, and which is, of course, tailored to clients’ needs, be they Financial Entities, Art Galleries, Museums or Private Collections.

Amongst other advantages, we would highlight the following types of insurance coverages:

  • Material damage at any location in the world.
  • Agreed values.
  • Automatic coverage up to a percentage of the total sum insured.
  • Waiver of proportional rule.

Health and Life

At Bruzon we offer consultancy and brokerage services focused on coverage of different risks and their management, through specific programmes related to employee social benefits.

The Health and Life programmes help Human Resources Departments with their retribution policies, helping to optimise resources.

Through Health policies, business’ and their employees obtain significant advantages, as a result of:

  • Collective procurement versus individual policy subscription.
  • High consideration of the employee. His / her commitment to the company is greater.
  • Reduction in absenteeism.
  • Improvement in productivity and encouragement of employee loyalty.


At Bruzon there is multi-disciplinary team, specialised in risk consultancy and the design of solutions for the Transport, Logistics and Fleet Industries.

Amongst these Risks Consultancy Services, are to be found:

  • The identification of the risks and the tendencies affecting this sector.
  • The evaluation, the quantification and how to minimise these risks.
  • The analysis of insurance programmes to optimise costs and extend coverages.

Among the Risks which we monitor, we would underline the following:

  • Logistics Carriers.
  • Transport Agents.
  • Trucker and Road Passengers Fleets.
  • Fleets for the Self-employed.
  • Fleets of Lorry Rentals.
  • Railways.
  • Warehousing.


Credit insurance is not just an insurance policy; it incorporates a simple method for protection of Client´s commercial accounts against the risk of non-payment. It is a service which permits the development of an integrated system of commercial risk management, based on protection vs. default.

Bruzon offers this service via all Insurance companies, specialised in this field, to include:

  • Security: by having pre-sale information, at their disposal.
  • Saving: though eliminating provisions and collection management.
  • Indemnity: with or without, recovery from the Insurance Company.
  • Solvency: in the face of Third Parties and financial institutions.

Proposals are designed to adapt best to the needs of a Client company.

A classification Audit of the Company´s clients is undertaken to apply a credit rating according to sales forecasts and set time-limits. Coverage begins on delivery of the merchandise or from the start of the service and or supply.

Clients need only declare their sales and notify possible payment or default agreements, thus starting collection management and recoveries, with control over settlements and indemnities.

Also, individual transactions may be studied, ”single risk”.


  • Information: analysis is carried out on each of the Company´s clients who form part of the insured portfolio.
  • Indemnity: allows the Company greater tranquility in respect of non-payment of sales on credit.
  • Recovery undertaken by the Company: thus avoiding unnecessary misuse of time and resources.
  • A more flexible sales philosophy: permitting the Company to reach a larger number of clients, and more markets, thus offering better sales´ conditions.
  • Low cost: short-term compensation due to the increases in sales which may be generated.
  • Account receivables cease to be simple expectations: they become assets which are free of risk, leading to an improvement in the financial position.
  • The company is not obliged to provision that part of non-paid credit which is insured.

Guarantees / Counter-Guarantees

These are compulsory insurance policies which guarantee the return of advanced monies towards the purchase of housing, which have been deposited with the developer. In compliance with current legislation, sums will be returned to those insured persons appearing on individual certificates in the event of non-completion of the project.

These policies include the corresponding annual legal interest rate, and will provide coverage up to the maximum limit of the sum insured.

At Bruzon we count on a team of specialists in the management of Guarantee and Counter-guarantee risk and we are in a position to offer your Company a personalised quality service.

Construction / Erection

At Bruzon we help Builders and Contractors to control the cost of the risk of each project. We achieve this through bespoke solutions developed to reduce costs, to increase income, to improve margins and to enhance the general value of their assets. Bottom line, this allows Builders and Contractors to be more competitive. However, apart from designing tailor-made solutions, we offer the following Products and Services:

  • Contractors All Risk (C.A.R) – for Building and Civil Engineering Risks.
  • Erection All Risk (E.A.R).
  • Construction Machinery and Equipment.
  • Advance loss of Profit (A.L.O.P).
  • Security Bonds.
  • Third Party Liability.
  • Decennial Liabilities.
  • Professional Indemnity for Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Property Developers.
  • Environmental Liabilities.
  • Complete Civil Engineering Projects and Operating Losses.
  • Guarantees and Surety Bonds.
  • Contract Auditing and Legal Compliance.