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Third Party Liability

Bruzon is specialised in the design as well as the placing of integral Third Party Liability programmes on behalf of both companies as well as on behalf of collective bodies and professional partnerships.

The coverages offered by us are adapted to all areas of business and professional activities, including those liability coverages required by Law.

The spectrum of our programmes comprises Third Party Liability coverages, in respect of:


  • General Liability.
  • Employers´Liability.
  • Products and Completed Operations Liability.
  • Product Recall.
  • Accidental Pollution.
  • Legal Defense and Counter Suits.

Professional collectives, according to their activity:

  • Compulsory coverages, as required by Law.
  • Voluntary coverage, with different insured limits and wide coverages which encompass, among others, professional disbarment, administrative sanctions – when these are insurable – and damages to files.

Directors and Officers:

  • D&O Coverage.
  • Employment Practices.
  • Defense Costs.
  • Communication Costs.
  • Extradition Costs.
  • Bankruptcy Guarantee Costs.
  • Tax Responsabilities.
  • Risk Management Costs.
  • Bail Bonds and the Costs of Constitution of Penal Bonds.
  • Administrative Sanctions.
  • Professional Disbarment.
  • Bankruptcy Liability.