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Surety Bonds

Bruzon is the market-leader in Spain.

Surety Bonds are indispensable instruments in the daily trading of any company to avoid unnecessary financial restrictions, allowing companies to obtain a line of bonds to guarantee proper fulfillment of contractual obligations.

Bruzon offers this service via all Insurace Companies, specialised in this field.


  • No audit commission or origination fee.
  • No maintenance fees.
  • Return of unused premiums.
  • No Bank of Spain risk.

Contract Types:

Guarantees required under Public Procurement:

  • Provisional or tender guarantees (for civil engineering projects, or providing services).
  • Guarantees to execute work (for civil engineering projects, or providing services).
  • Material stockpiling / advances.
  • Substitution Guarantees.
  • Import / Export Guarantees (Customs).
  • Guarantees for litigation risk.
  • Guarantees for the postponement of tax due to acts of non-conformity.
  • Guarantees for public subsidies.
  • Guarantees before the General Power and Mining Policy Directorate.

Other Guarantees:

  • Guarantees posted in favour of private Companies & Organisations.
  • International Guarantees.
  • Guarantees for amounts deposited on account.
  • Payment Guarantees in favour of the OTC Clearing House (“MEEF”, in its Spanish acronym).
  • Guarantees on behalf of Air Operators (Airport Charges).