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Property Damage

Whenever one looks to protect company property, or to identify risks which could put future survival at risk, one needs always the services of expert brokers, such as Bruzon.

Our capacity to innovate and our access to different international markets always allow us to find, and to negotiate, the best solutions for our clients.

We look to protect your business through a risk management perspective, identifying and valuing those areas most exposed to risk, depending on their activity, such as:

  • Material Damage, due to:
  •           – Fire, water, or smoke.
  •           – Explosions.
  •           – Theft.
  •           – Machinery breakdown.
  •           – Electrical damage.
  • Loss of profit due to interruption.
  • Third Party Liabilities.

Analysing risks and obtaining adequate coverage is not sufficient, so we work together with the Insured to prevent damage occurring, to minimise its consequences and to transfer risk to the insurance market. We maintain the policies premanently updated in line with changes within the company and, more importantly, we manage and assist in the handling of claims.