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Financial Institutions

This sector is very sensitive to risk, and demands deep understanding of the sector as well as knowledge of the different areas of the re-insurance market with a very high level of specialisation in this field.

At Bruzon, we offer expertise at the highest level in both areas. We are fortunate to employ well-experienced trained professionals capable of tackling these programmes from a Risk Management stand-point. Due to their complexity, we would highlight the following insurance programmes:

  • Bankers Blanket Bond (BBB) covering Employee Fidelity, Counterfeiting of Documents, Theft of Cash Holdings, of ATMs, of Safety Deposit Boxes, of Cash In-transit and Computer Crime.

  • Errors and Omissions to cover Professional Liabilities of the Employees of the Financial Institution.

  • Non-authorised Transactions, to cover losses caused by employees of the Financial Institution if they exceed their levels of attributable responsibility within the Organisation.

  • Directors´and Officers´Third Party Liabilities in their capacities as Members of the Governing Bodies of the companies or entities which they represent, deriving from legislation in force at any given moment. The importance of this type of coverage is determined by the exposure of an individual´s personal assets to liabilities arising from losses suffered by the Company or by Injured Third Parties, and to Emerging Risks due to changes in applicable legislation.