Products and

Different in their application
Same in quality.

“Whether the problem is to implement a new insurance programme or if a current programme needs to be analysed, our approach is always the same: we focus on looking for the best meeting-point between what a client is seeking and what we know we can do best. This philosophy is applied to each end every one of the products, services and areas of activity which we cover, equally whether it is a direct insurance or a re-insurance product”

At Bruzon we count on a team of specialists in risk consultancy, who work along two routes:

    • The design of bespoke solutions.


  • The analysis of existing insurance programmes.

When the solution requires re-insurance, the solvency of Reinsurers is, without doubt, the most valuable asset for our clients, which are the Insurance Companies.  For this reason, we are convinced that our success as R/I brokers is linked inseparably to the level of solvency of our Reinsurers.

Solvency which, in our case, is added to personalised solutions, to agility in procedures, and linked to a deep understanding of risk and markets. This work method has allowed us to become leaders in many of the areas where we provide reinsurance capacity, both Facultative and Treaty.

In any event, whether the solution is to offer direct insurance or re-insurance, the client may rest assured that, whatever the solution which is proposed, it will be the most competitive, always. In other words, it will have been tailored to the client’s needs, according to his, or her, budget and applied to any of the following branches of insurance: